Three stabbed at Schuman metro station

It’s still unclear why a man attacked three members of the public at Schuman metro station last night.  One of the victims is fighting for their life.  The attacker, a 30-year-old man, was quickly arrested.

The incident started at Schuman metro station around at 5:45 PM.  The attack occurred in a metro carriage, though an altercation is believed to have taken place outside beforehand.

Chaos and panic ensued when the suspect drew a knife and started to threaten people.  Three people are injured including one seriously.  All three were taken to hospital.

The suspect ran out of the carriage into the station itself and was more or less immediately arrested by Belgian railways police. Pictures posted on social media show how guns were aimed at the suspect and how he lay down on the ground.

Belgian prosecutors note that the suspect doesn’t feature on the Belgian OCAD watch list and the individual wasn’t known to the security services as an extremist, though he was known to the police .  The OCAD is the Belgian organisation that monitors the threat level. It’s as yet unclear what brought the man to the police’s attention.  Mental issues are a possibility.

Traffic on metro on lines 1 and 5 was halted for over three hours yesterday and only resumed around 9PM.  Many passengers were forced to use replacement buses in the meantime.

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