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Fraud with ChatGPT in student paper at Antwerp Uni?

Antwerp University has launched an investigation into a student paper after strong suspicions surfaced that a student employed ChatGPT to write the document.  The uni says the paper contains few references to sources.  “We are far from certain at this stage, but an investigation is underway” says Rector De Meyer.

ChatGPT is an online search engine and robot that is able to create texts that differ little from those written by a human.  The system uses Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Schools and unis across northern Belgium are considering how to respond to this new phenomenon.  This is the first occasion a Flemish university launches an investigation into possible paper fraud using AI.  Other universities are examining the impact of ChatGPT and are considering what action to take.

Leuven University has no firm information on fraud using AI.  “Irregularities during the exam period are collected after the exam period has ended in a bid to draw lessons. The data isn’t yet in” says the uni.  “Use of Chat GPT and other AI applications isn’t permitted to allow students to prevent efforts to judge their own knowledge, insights and competences.  Our exam regulations already allow us to act against such irregularities” says Leuven uni.

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