VIDEO: Arrests following manhunt in European District

Two people were detained following a manhunt in the European District of Brussels last night.  Brussels prosecutors say the search operation that included police helicopters taking to the skies followed a report of suspects that may have been armed on the loose.  The prosecutor’s office now speaks of a sale of luxury watches that went wrong.

“Shortly before 6PM police were alerted to an incident in the European District” says Willemien Baert of Brussels prosecutors.  “Information received points to several armed suspects that have barricaded themselves into a property”.

“Several police teams were deployed to search for the suspects.  Several streets have been cordoned off as a precaution.  Federal police helicopters too are in the skies”.

Margot De Clercq lives in the Karel Martelstraat that was closed all evening.  “I heard helicopters all evening, but that isn’t so out of the ordinary in the European District.  My housemate then called me to say she wasn’t allowed into the street.  It’s then I noticed the street had been cordoned off”.

“A police van had been parked at both ends of the street.  When I ventured onto the balcony, a police officer made it clear I should go back inside. My housemate was still stuck down the pub”.

Around midnight residents of the Karel Martelstraat were allowed back home and those of the Boduognatusstraat shortly afterwards. Brussels police confirm that two suspects were arrested.

“First indications point to a sale of luxury watches that went wrong.  The suspects are believed to have used firearms” the police spokesman noted.

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