| David Catry

Miss Belgium: “You don’t need to be drunk or to be texting to trigger an accident”

Two days after her road accident the reigning Miss Belgium has left hospital.  Chayenne Van Aarle drove her car into a truck’s trailer at the rear of a traffic jam on the Ghent-Antwerp Motorway.  Chayenne says the accident was an important life lesson for her.

The emergency services had to cut Chayenne free before she could be rushed to hospital in a critical condition.

Chayenne remembers little of the accident and certainly not how it happened.  “I had too much on my mind.  There was too much pressure.  I felt I was being sucked dry.  I didn’t really have the energy to drive a car.  You don’t need to be drunk or to be texting to trigger an accident.  If your mental balance isn’t right, danger lurks around the corner.  People don’t discuss this enough!”

“Today I realise you need to be well-balanced before you get into the driver’s seat.  I learned I mustn’t put too much pressure on myself. People who have a negative impact on me I must banish from my life.  I’m so grateful the way it ended”.

Chayenne isn’t scared to get into a car: “I’ve many kilometres on the clock.  This isn’t about traffic but about people.  If you get into  a car, you never know if you will get home.  Anything can happen.  You shouldn’t just look out for other drivers but also for yourself”.

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