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VIDEO: Volodymyr Zelensky addresses the People of Europe

Ukrainian president Zelensky accepted a European Union flag to take back to Kyiv from the hands of Speaker Metsola during his visit to the European Parliament.

Earlier PM De Croo welcomed him to Belgium after his stopover in Paris.

The Ukrainian national anthem and European hymn were played to welcome the Ukrainian president to the European Parliament.

In his speech that commentators say was mainly directed at the people of Europe he said: “The Russian regime not only hates diversity and justice, but they also invest in xenophobia and want this to become the new normal.  They are trying to make the inhumanity of the Thirties and Forties of the XXth century today’s reality.  The answer is clearly ‘No’, a European No.  We are defending ourselves against the anti-European forces in the modern world.  We are defending ourselves, the Ukrainians, on the battlefield together with you”.

After his speech Mr Zelensky was invited to join the 27 EU heads of state and government for the EU family photo.

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