Carer defrauds blind woman to the tune of over 100,000 euros

A 60-year-old blind woman from Roeselare in West Flanders has been defrauded to the tune of over 100,000 euros after she handed over her bankcard and PIN code to her carer.  The suspect used the card to make several purchases for himself and also transferred cash to his account.  The duped woman has filed a complaint with the judicial authorities, has taken a lawyer and hopes to recover at least 70,000 euros.

“I was too gullible” says Carine Van Bastelaere “but can’t judge people by sight”.

For many years now Carine has been enjoying help from carers in order to do her shopping or go to the bank. “My husband was very ill at the end of his life.  We started using the special services for people who have difficulty getting around.  It’s there we met the suspect”.

After Carine’s husband died last summer, she inherited shares.  The carer suggested he take a look at them.  Carine handed the carer her bankcard and PIN code, but the carer used it to go Christmas shopping and buy new furniture.   

“He used to run a market stall and has the gift of the gab.  He didn’t return the card immediately.  The last time I requested it he withdraw 600 euros just before he returned it”.

“I won’t get the money back form the purchases, but I should be able to retrieve the shares”.

Carine hopes her story will alert other people.

“I was stupid.  It was my mistake.  I trusted the guy, but then I’m too gullible”.

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