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VIDEO: Extinction rebellion protest against private jets

Some forty protesters belonging to Extinction Rebellion, Scientist Rebellion and Youth for Climate blocked access to the private jet terminal at Brussels Airport this morning.  The protesters chained themselves to the terminal because they believe private jets and by extension the entire aviation industry is damaging the climate, nature and public health.

People who had planned a trip by private jet were able to access the terminal under police supervision.  The peaceful protest hoped to signal that in aviation too the polluter should pay.

“We want private jets to be banned.  We want frequent fliers and kerosene to be taxed.  The polluter should pay.  The money generated can be invested in direct climate action.  The Flemish government says that’s not realistic, but if a lot of cash is generated it will become so. It’s logical that the people most contributing to the crisis should pay most” says Extinction Rebellion’s Rebekka Eschauzier.

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