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Video: Iranians demonstrate in Brussels

Around 6,000 Iranians took part in a demonstration in Brussels on Monday morning against the authoritarian theocratic government in their home country. The demonstrators vented their opposition to the repression and persecution in Iran by Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s regime.

The demonstrators gathered at 10am near to Brussels North Railway Station. Some of those taking part in the demonstration had travelled to Brussels from the UK, France, Germany, Norway, Denmark and Sweden to protest against the regime in their native country. 

Prisoner exchange agreements slammed

As well as many Iranian flag, the demonstrator also carried British, French, Germany and other flags of the countries in which they now live. The demonstrators called on the Iranian government to give greater freedom to woman and also demanded that the international community class the revolutionary guard as a terrorist organisation.

They also called on Western countries to close the Iranian Embassies in their capitals and send Iranian diplomats home. Prisoner exchange treaties such as that Belgium had wanted to sign with the regime in Tehran for the release of the NGO worker Olivier Vandecasteele were condemned. 

The demonstration continued along the Brussels Inner Ring Road to the Belliardstraat before reaching its final destination, the Jubel Park at around lunchtime. 

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