Provincie Vlaams-Brabant

Flemish Brabantians get back on their bike

More and more Brabantians are getting on their bikes.  Last year 3 million cyclists drove past a bicycle counter in Flemish Brabant Province.  Leuven-Brussels remains the most popular cycle superhighway.

The number of people being counted by automatic bike counters in Flemish Brabant nearly rose 7% last year.  Sixteen bike counters are currently operational across the province. 

“Corona year 2020 was a peak year for cycling” says Tom Dehaene of the provincial executive.  “The figures for 2021 were a little lower, but the 6.86% increase shows Flemish Brabantians have found their way back to the bike”.

The highest number of cyclists was counted on the F3 bike superhighway in Wilsele.  On average 1,346 cyclists use the highway between Brussels and Leuven each day.   

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