Range of products that can be purched using Ecocheques to be expanded from Wednesday

As ever a new month brings with it a range of new rules, regulations and other measures that affect us in our daily lives. One such measure that comes into force from tomorrow (1March) is an expansion of the range of products that can be purchased using the Ecocheques that some of us receive from our employers.  

From Wednesday 1 March Ecocheques will be also able to be used for the purchase of second-hand electrical goods (except hybrid appliances) as well as for all goods that carry a FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) or a PEFC (Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes) certificate. Both the FSC and PEFC labels guarantee that a product has come from a sustainable forestry source.  Also from tomorrow, you will be able to use Ecocheques to pay for a season ticket for a car park or bicycle parking space.

The new list of goods and services that can be purchased with Ecocheques is contained in a new collective labour agreement. The list is often modified and/or expanded to, for example, take into account changes in the range of goods available or to take into account new insights into what is eco-friendly.

Previously Ecocheques could only be used for the purchase of small electrical goods, but not for example for the purchase of a washing machine or a lawn mower. In future the complete life cycle of a product will be considered when deciding whether it can be bought with Ecocheques.

From 1 March it will also be possible to use Ecocheques to pay for the rental of tools or machinery. 

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