Natuurhulpcentrum Opglabbeek

VIDEO: Fennec fox found in Flemish wood pile

A fennec fox has been captured in Scherpenheuvel-Zichem in eastern Flemish Brabant Province.  Fennec foxes are natives of the North African desert.

“Local residents suspected the presence of an animal in a wood stock.  They set a trap with Belgian sausage” explains Cisse Boen of the Opglabbeek nature centre in Oudsbergen (Limburg).

Fennec foxes are not native to our climes and with their large ears are seen as pretty exotic creatures.

“Local residents suspected an animal had taken up residence in the wood stock because their dog acted in a strange fashion when they approached the pile” says Cisse. 

The fox clearly had an appetite for Belgian sausage and two days later it was trapped in the cage. Because they didn’t immediately recognise the animal, the locals sent a picture to Oudsbergen.

“We drove out to collect the animal” explains Cisse. “Today it will be examined.  Then we will look for an animal park that can provide it with a new home”.

“In Belgium fennec foxes cannot be kept as pets.  This must be an illegal specimen that escaped” says Cisse.

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