Christian was in a hurry!
Jelle Schepers

Cyclist fined for driving on the ring

A 67-year-old who drove his bicycle along the outer Brussels orbital ring road has been ordered to pay a fine.  The man from Ukkel (Brussels) was making his way in his car when he ended up in a traffic jam.  In order to avoid the congestion he parked on a motorway carpark and continued his journey along the orbital on his bike.  Bicycles are not permitted on the ring road.

“I was returning home from Valenciennes in France” Christian Duchâteau told the court in Halle (Flemish Brabant).  “I had an appointment on the Carrefour carpark in Drogenbos (Flemish Brabant) at 7PM.  The traffic was at a standstill.  There was no way I was going to get there on time by car.  I parked on the Total carpark on the ring in Ruisbroek and continued on my folding bike”.

An alert officer noticed the infraction. “They pursued me with lights flashing and sirens blaring and stopped me.  I admitted my mistake immediately but they were very angry and issued charge sheets”.

“They told me that at my age I was setting a fine example!  I thought I’d simply get a fine, but I got my day in court!”

The cyclist was ordered to appear in court in Halle.  Prosecutors sought a 320-euro fine and a 15-day driving ban. 

“He used the hard shoulder, then one of the motorway lanes.  It was busy, but the defendant thought nothing of it” the prosecutor told the court.  “He didn’t see the seriousness of the offence”.

The naughty cyclist got away with an 80-euro fine.  “I am aware of the circumstances, but it’s not normal riding your bike in a place like that” the judge said.

Despite getting stopped Christian managed to make his appointment on time.  “I don’t really regret my decision” he told VRT.

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