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Ambulanceman attacked in Sint-Joost (Brussels)

An ambulanceman working for the Brussels fire service was attacked in the Brussels borough of Sint-Joost-ten-Node on Sunday afternoon.  A spokesman for the fire service says the attack was completely unprovoked.

Spokesman Walter Derieuw takes up the story: “The ambulanceman was involved in a medical intervention and busy with equipment in an ambulance while his colleague was inside with the patient.  A passer-by enquired what was happening.  When he responded that everything was under control, the passer-by hit him in the face with his fist.  It was totally unprovoked.  The attacker ran off”.

The ambulanceman sustained injuries to his face and his glasses were damaged, but he was still able to take the patient to hospital, where he too received treatment.  “He is off work for several days.  The whole incident has really impacted on him” says Derieuw.

The injured ambulanceman has filed a complaint with the police that is also being supported by the fire service.

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