Jane Birkin among artist to perform at Arno tribute concerts

Artists from home and abroad will perform at concerts to pay tribute to the singer Arno who died last year aged 72. Those performing at the tribute concerts in the AB in Brussels on 17 and 18 June will include Jane Birkin, the French singer Patricia Kaas, the Brussels rapper Zwangere Guy and the vetran Francophone Belgian singer Salvatore Adamo. The choreograph Wim Vandekeybus will provide a dance performance. 

All the proceeds from the concert will go to the cancer charity ‘Kom Op Tegen Kanker’. Arno died last April after a long battle with cancer. The Ostend-born singer’s ashes were scattered into the North Sea on 14 May 2022. 

Ticket sales for the tribute performance to “Le plus beau” (The most handsome) will go on sale from Wednesday 8 March. 

Having lived a large portion of his adult life in the centre of Brussels, Arno Hintjens was a regular visitor to the AB. He once described the concert hall in the heart of Brussels as his “second living room”. 

Shortly before his death Arno asked the AB if they would put of a worthy tribute performance to him once he had gone. He provided a list of artists with whom he had written musical history, had worked with or simply admired. 

After the two concerts in Brussels in mid-June there will be two further tribute concerts. The first will be in Ostend this summer and the second will be at Salle Pleyel in the French capital Paris in the autumn.  


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