Police examine threat against Brussels metro

Police and security staff are extra vigilant today following threats of a terrorist outrage against the Brussels metro system.  Federal police have carried out a ‘sweeping operation’ checking the entire system last night.  All stations remain open.

“We received an email threatening an attack against one of the Brussels metro lines” says the federal police’s An Berger.  “It wasn’t sent directly to us, but the addressee forwarded the email to us.  We took the threat extremely seriously and carried out a full sweeping.  Nothing untoward was found.  Our services remain vigilant today”.

Brussels prosecutors have opened an investigation.  As long as it is underway no further details will be divulged. “The chance of an attack really taking place is not thought to be very likely” says Willemien Baert of the prosecutor’s office.

On Twitter the Brussels local transport company says an attack is unlikely: “Analysis by the security services reveals that the threat to the Brussels metro is unlikely.  As a precaution police are extra vigilant.  Extra measures are not required at the minute”.

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