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Belgium’s Mystère bus is a hit on social media

A Brussels bus has become a hit on social media.  A photo of Bus 48 bound for the Mystère stop has been seen by millions on the internet. A post claims the bus is heading to a mysterious destination – ‘Mystère’ is the French name for ‘mystery’ – but also that public transport in Brussels is free.   Sadly none of this is entirely true!

John Hyphen set the ball rolling on Twitter.  A day later 6.3 million people had seen his tweet.  The post was picked up on other platforms like Reddit and often people believed what was in John’s post.

Most public transport in Brussels isn’t free.  The bus shown in the photo is operated by the MIVB.  On their services only under 12s and people belonging to a specific group including Brusselers on minimum income benefit, some seniors, the blind and people accompanying them ride for free.

The ’Mystère’ stop (Mysterie in Dutch) exists.  It’s on the Victor Rousseaulaan in Vorst (Brussels) near the Mysteriestraat/Rue du Mystère and clearly it isn’t really all that mysterious, though the name could suggest that!

Screenshot Twitter John Hyphen

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