Alain Maron & Barbara Trachte

Return of nightly refuse collections sparks controversy

The Brussels refuse collection agency Net Brussel and Brussels cleanliness minister Maron (Francophone green) are preparing the return of nightly refuse collections.  Bin lorries will once again be out and about on the streets of the Belgian and Flemish capital between the hours of 8PM and 2AM from 15 May onwards, but not all local mayors are enamoured of this decision.

It was in 2017 that nightly refuse collections were abandoned in Brussels.  Six years later they are back!

Minister Maron argues that the nightly collections will mean that bin bags are rapidly collected and don’t languish on pavements for many hours. That should enhance cleanliness in local neighbourhoods.  It’s all part of the Plan. 

It’s also argued that the nightly collections will ease congestion and ensure fewer bin lorries end up creating traffic jams in the mornings.  The use of modern lorries should also mean less noise.

Brussels mayors are set to discuss the plan next week.  Emir Kir, Mayor of Sint-Joost, feels it will be impossible to guarantee peace and quiet for residents: “This certainly doesn’t form part of the Plan” he noted.

Unions are unhappy too and haven’t ruled out strike action.  They are prepared to accept night shifts but want them shortened.

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