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Couple give up Michelin star jobs to run living room restaurant

For the first time in years Michiel Beuselinck and Maria Moll won’t be on the edge of their seats when the new Michelin stars are announced.  For years the couple worked in restaurants showered with Michelin stars, but now they have set up their own restaurant in their living room: “It’s important the food is tasty and the customers come back.  Our thoughts are not with the stars just yet” they told VRT.

The new Michelin stars were announced today.  For the first time in years Michiel and Maria weren’t too bothered and didn’t lose any sleep!

The couple met in a three-star restaurant, the Hertog Jan that was then based in Zedelgem (West Flanders).  Later they worked in separate restaurants but recently gave their notice to start a restaurant in their own living room.

In their “Béus” restaurant in Passendale (West Flanders) customers can see what goes on in the kitchen.  “At present we haven’t really got our thoughts on stars.  We don’t need the pressure” Michiel notes.

Maria says a Michelin star often creates a threshold: “People think were frightfully expensive or that they need to wear a suit to be allowed in.  That isn’t the atmosphere we want to create a Béus.  We want people to feel at home”.  

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