Michelin stars galore across Belgium

Three Belgian restaurants retain their three-star status in the new Michelin Guide: Hof van Cleve in Kruisem, Zilte in Antwerp and Boury in Roeselare.  The Bozar Restaurant in Brussels gets a second star.  Sixteen eateries have received a Michelin star for the first time.

At Hof van Cleve Chef Peter Goossens is handing over to chef de cuisine Floris Van Der Veken at the end of the year.  Goossens concludes his reign at the eatery in the knowledge that it has boasted three Michelin stars for 19 years in a row.

At Zilte Viki Geunes is celebrating a third star for three years in a row now. At Boury Tim Boury retains the third star earned last year.

With Karen Torosyan at the helm Bozar Restaurant gets a second Michelin star.  “For years he has been an example of craftsmanship” says the guide.  “With his very own eye for detail this meticulous chef gives old recipes new life. His astounding “en croute” recipes are the sign of his personal cuisine. Torosyan is able to translate the emotions inside him onto the plate”.

Following eateries may display one Michelin star for a first time:

·  Tables d’Amis (Matthieu Beudaert in Kortrijk)

·  Misera (Nicolas Wentein Misera in Antwerp)

·  Sensum (Maurice De Jaeger in Sint-Denijs-Westrem)

·  De Bakermat (Kevin Graf in Ninove)

·  Glass (Wouter Van Tichelen in Antwerp)

·  Barge (Grégoire Gillard in Brussels)

·  Humus x Hortense (Nicolas Decloedt in Elsene)

·  La Grappe d’Or  (Clément Petitjean in Autelbas)

·  La table de Manon (Manon Schenck in Grandhan)

·  Le Grand Verre  (Wout Bru in Durbuy)

·  La Grange d'Hamois (Grégory Gillain in Emptinne)

·  La Table Benjamin Laborie (Benjamin Laborie in Ohain)

·  Le Roannay (Mathieu Vande Velde in Francorchamps)

·  Le Vieux Château (Tanguy De Turck in Flobecq)

·  Eden Rose (Valerian Prade and Caroline Esch in Kayl)

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