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Royal trip to Egypt ends (VIDEO)

Crown princess Elisabeth has rounded off the trip to Egypt she made together with her mum, Queen Mathilde, in the footsteps of her great-great grandmother, Queen Elisabeth.  “It was such a wonderful journey” she says. On the final day of her trip the crown princess visited a Belgian dig at an important archaeological site. 

The princess also took an opportunity to talk with the media at length. The visit forms a cultural tribute to the memory of Queen Elisabeth, who the princess says, is a source of great personal inspiration:

“I really admire her.  She is an inspiring woman in so many fields.  She was very adventurous.  She showed great commitment during the war and music was her great love.  My ambition is to resemble her in the future.  The trip was such a wonderful experience I would like to share with my great-great-grandmother, all the history, and also share with my mother.  They are both very inspiring figures, my mum because of her passion for listening to people and for showing interest in their jobs”. 

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