Police in East Flanders recover 6,000 stolen parcels

Police in the East Flemish town of Dendermonde have recovered 6,000 parcels that had been stolen from the Belgian post office Bpost. Last summer Bpost noticed that a large number of parcels were going missing in Dendermonde. A private investigator and the police were successful in tracing and recovering 6,000 parcels that had been stolen by a criminal gang among the items stolen were 40 new computers that were destined for a school in Antwerp. 

Last summer Bpost in Dendermonde (East Flanders) hired a private detective to trace an usually large number of parcels that were going missing. The police became involved in the investigation. 

The Chief Commissioner of the Dendermonde Local Police Service Patrick Feys told VRT News that "In November we were able to catch one of thieves red-handed. The suspects’ homes, mainly in Brussels, were seached. Around 6,000 items were found”. 

The suspects in the case are reported to be part of a professional criminal organisation. 

6 lorries full of stolen parcels

All the goods found were confiscated. “They have a total value of around 200,000 euro. It is difficult to identify where all the goods came from”. 

Among the goods recovered are 40 new computers that should have been delivered to the Antwerp school Kunstkaai. The computers went missing in August last year. 

"This gives is a great feeling of satification. The school was realy pleased. They had already bought replacement computers, but now they have a nice stock in reserve”, Chief Commissioner Feys told the VRT. 

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