Mingye Li and Junyi Han head ChiSAG, the Chinese students association in Ghent (c) Ward Schouppe

Chinese students conquer Ghent University

The number of Chinese nationals settling in Ghent is growing apace.  Many come to work, study or undertake research.  Ghent University has considerable pull in China. Today over a thousand Chinese are registered with the local authority. 

By the end of last year 1,086 Chinese were registered in Ghent.  The figure is up over a third compared with four years ago.   Well over half (622) are studying here. Today Chinese students are the largest group of foreign students in the East Flemish capital ahead of Dutch, Spanish and Italian students.  You’ll find most Chinese students and researchers (887) at Ghent University.  70% are doing a PhD.

The university has over a hundred cooperation agreements with Chinese partners including exchange programmes, joint research projects and special grants.  “Ghent University has a tradition of working with China” says UGent’s Inge Mangelschots.  “We also have a representative in China, who defends our interests and maintains contacts with Chinese bodies and the Chinese government”.

Last year 273 new Chinese students or researchers arrived.  “We notice that sciences, bio engineering, civil engineering and architecture studies generate most interest, though there are Chinese students at all faculties” says Mangelschots.


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