Man dies after being shot by police at a Brussels psychiatric hospital

A man has died of his injuries after he was shot by police at a psychiatric hospital in the Brussels municipality of Ukkel on Tuesday morning. News of the incident first appeared on the website of the daily ‘Het Nieuwsblad’ and has since been confirmed by VRT News sources. The man was seriously injured when he as shot and later died. 

The man was shot at around 10:30am on Tuesday at the Fond’Roy psychiatric hospital on the Jacques Pasturlaan in Ukkel. The man had been admitted to hospital from treatment on his addiction issues, depression and psychosis. 

The hospital had called the police after there was a commotion and the patient had threatened members of staff. He is reported to have been brandishing a sharp implement.

The police reportedly initially attempted to calm the man, but then shots were fired. He was taken in a critical condition to hospital, but later died of his injuries. 

In shock

The man died in hospital at around 11:30am on Tuesday. The Victim Support Unit has informed his family and is offering them support. The police officers that were involved in the incident too are being given psychological support.

The Brussels Judicial have opened an investigation into the incident. A pathologist has been appointed to case and the forensics lab, a ballistics expert will aid in the investigation. The Police Complaints Committee Comité P has been informed about the incident.


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