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Explosion rocks Borgerhout as link to drugs war is mooted (VIDEO)

A property in the Antwerp district of Borgerhout has been attacked with an improvised explosive device.  The property was seriously damaged, but fortunately nobody was injured.  Police are investigating a possible link with drug-trafficking in the northern port city.

The incident happened in the Kortrijkstraat in the Spoor Oost area  around 2AM.  Neighbours heard a loud bang.  The explosive device damaged several properties as well as two vehicles.  Windows were shattered.  Shutters were damaged as was car bodywork. 

The police believe the attack is most likely a settling of accounts among drug-traffickers but is ready to look at other possibilities too.  Forensic scientists and the army bomb squad attended the scene.  Police cordoned off a large area to allow investigators to do their work.  Detectives now hope to establish what exactly happened as well as the motive for the crime.

Radio 2

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