Patty, Siméon and his parents!
Birth & Breakfast

100th baby born at “Birth & Breakfast”

Birth House “Birth & Breakfast” has something to celebrate.  A 100th baby was born there last week.  The Birth House wants to offer women the opportunity to give birth in a cosy atmosphere, reminiscent of home, but with all the care provided in hospital.

Siméon is the name of the 100th baby born at Birth & Breakfast in Rotselaar (Flemish Brabant).  The Birth House was set up twelve years ago and is an initiative of charity “Bolle Buik” (Round Tummy).

Patty Dockx places her own home at the disposal of pregnant woman creating an atmosphere for the birth that is often lacking in hospital:

“Research shows that home births are just as safe as in hospital. We are supporting women who opt to give birth in a relaxed atmosphere”.

“Birth & Breakfast” works with independent midwives with up to 25 years’ experience and is eager to encourage natural births.

Baby 100, Siméon, is Anne-Elisabeth and Stephane’s second baby!

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