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Volunteers collect 2.1 tons of refuse from Flemish beaches

Over 3,000 volunteers took part in the Eneco Clean Beach Cup competition last Sunday.  In all they collected 5 tons of refuse along the beaches of the Flemish and Dutch coasts. 

The 3,220 volunteers gathered at 26 spots along the Flemish and Dutch coats for the cup’s 14th outing.  The operation is needed to protect animals on the beach and in the sea.  Refuse blocks the digestive system of birds and fish.  Moreover, every year countless seals get caught up in discarded plastics and broken fishing nets.

2.9 tons of refuse was collected along beaches in Flanders.  The Dutch clearly need to put grease to their elbows as despite having far more coastline they only managed to collect 2.1 tons. 

“We’re cleaning up the beaches, because we can’t clean up the sea” explains Sven Fransen.  “In this way we wish to show the need for a solution for all the waste in our oceans.  I hope people today saw the impact of plastics and will make better choices”.

This year’s event enjoyed the presence of a special guest: Billy, the seal.  Billy arrived sick at the Sea Life reception centre in Blankenberge last January.  “After three months of intensive care he is once again able to eat by himself.  He’s put on 18 kilos and is now strong enough to return to sea” says Sea Life’s Steve Vermote.

The seal was returned to the sea during the event underlining the danger refuse poses to sea life.  

Photo (c)
Photo (c)

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