Drugs gang releases kidnapped Antwerp man

A man from Antwerp that had been kidnapped by a drugs gang has been released. The news that Mohammed Azzoui had been released first appeared in the daily ‘Gazet van Antwerpen’ and has since been confirmed by VRT News sources. Mr Azzoui was kidnapped a month ago at a service station on the E19 motorway. The kidnapping has been linked to the trade in illegal drugs. 

VRT News sources have confirmed that 49-year-old Mr Azzoui, who is from the Antwerp district of Wilrijk has been released by his kidnappers. In late February Mohammed Azzoui was kidnapped by masked men at a carpark at the Waarloos Servic Area on the E19 Brussels to Antwerp motorway.

He was dragged into a black Volkswagen Golf. The car then sped away toward Antwerp. The black VW was later found by detectives and the Examining Magistrate leading the abduction case issued an appeal for witnesses. 

Not long after Mr Azzoui was kidnapped images of him in captivity were circulated within the criminal fraternity. He was almost naked and handcuffed to a chair. He also appeared to have been beaten. The Judicial Authorities said at the time that he could be in acute danger.

No details are yet known about the circumstances surround Mr Azzoui’s release. The Judicial Authorities are currently refraining from all comment on the case. 

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