Nicolas Maeterlinck

Market leader Engie reintroduces fixed price contracts

Power market leader Engie has become only the second Belgian power company to reintroduce fixed rate contracts.  Earlier rival Luminus reintroduced fixed rate contracts in January.  Power companies had abandoned fixed rate contracts and were only offering contracts with variable rates after Russia’s further invasion of Ukraine upset the energy market.

Engie fixed rate contracts for domestic and small business customers return on 1 April. Engie says it can make the change after prices fell from January.  Easy Vast offers a fixed price for a year.  It’s intended for consumers who prefer stability in the long-term as well as for customers on fixed contracts expiring in June.

The company says it will gradually reintroduce various fixed rate plans taking account of price forecasts for the Belgian and international markets.

In future prices on variable contracts will be modified every month instead of every three months.  This means Easy Variabel will more quickly reflect price fluctuations.

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