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Motorcyclist dies in accident in Antwerp

A motorcyclist has died in an accident involving a lorry in the Antwerp district of Merksem on Friday morning. The accident on the Groenendaallaan in Merksem caused the closure of the road and disruption to traffic in the area on Friday morning. 

The 59-year-old motorcyclist was involved in a collision with a lorry on the Groenendaallaan in Merksem on Friday morning. The Fire Service went to the scene to help free the man from under the lorry. However, the motorcyclist had already died.  

The lorry was waiting at traffic lights and was ready to turn. The motorcyclist tried to overtake and ended underneath the lorry. An accident investigation expert has been appointed to investigate the exact circumstances surrounding accident.

The police closed the area around the accident site to traffic and this caused extra traffic congestion in nearby streets on Friday morning. The Merksem intersection on the northbound carriageway of the Antwerp Orbital Motorway was also closed. 

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