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Mind-blowing images show train miss moped by inches (VIDEO)

Railtrack operator Infrabel has released pictures of an incident in Rumbeke (Roeselare – West Flanders) earlier in the week.  The images show how a moped crosses a level crossing with the barriers already down and how an approaching train narrowly misses the vehicle.

Infrabel has released the pictures in a bid to get people to appreciate the dangers and follow the rules.

The incident in Rumbeke led to rail traffic being interrupted for over an hour.   Fifty services were delayed for over ten hours in total.

Infrabel’s Frédéric Petit says the images show how the moped narrowly misses being hit by the train: “The moped driver is risking his life and what he does is totally prohibited.  The train driver executed an emergency stop.  He was deeply affected and had to be replaced by another driver”.

Crossing a level crossing with the barrier down can land you with a hefty fine and you can even have your licence withdrawn.

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