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May Day: Labour Party repeats call for millionaire’s tax

The far left PVDA Labour Party too is celebrating May Day.  In his May Day address PVDA leader Raoul Hedebouw repeated his call for a millionaire’s tax.  He believes it could raise 8 billion euros.  Hedebouw says it goes without saying that Belgium’s wealthiest should pay more.

“It’s always the same story.  When there’s talk about paying taxes it’s working people that have to pay.  Duty and VAT are raised.  The super rich are never affected.  We want a 1% tax on fortunes over one million euros.  2% on fortunes over 2 million, 3% on 3 million.  It will only hit the richest 2% in society in contrast with the government’s securities tax that hits upper middle-class people because the super-rich get nominative shares that are not taxed”.   

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