Actor ends up in hospital after fleeing attack by Egyptian geese

The actor Dimitri Leue will have to spend 5 days in hospital after a rather unpleasant encounter with Egyptian geese. He stumbled against and injured himself while running away from Egyptian geese in the Boekenberg Park in the Deurne. The injured actor has posted a photo of himself that was taken in his hospital bed. 

But are Egyptian geese really so aggressive? The ornithologist Gerald Driessens told VRT News that “It is normal that during the nesting season the birds try and protect their nest and their young. However, most people end up being injured because of how they react and not due an attack by the birds”. 

In an interview with VRT Radio 2 Mr Driessens said that “It is highly exceptional that that birds become aggressive. However, there are a few types such as Egyptian geese mute swans that display dominant behaviour during the mating season.

They defend their nest and their young if you approach. Every year there is at least one report of a buzzard that displays territorial behaviour and attacks joggers during the mating season, but these cases remain exceptional”.  

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