Family of youth killed at Zaventem Station rejects revenge

The family of the young man, who died at Zaventem Station on Friday has launched an appeal against further violence. "We wish support, not revenge," a Facebook message reads.

The 23-year-old died on the rails at Zaventem Station, when a high-speed train ran him down.  A second person was injured in the altercation that had been taking place involving other youths and lost a leg.

"Following his death, some young people are calling for revenge of his tragic death. We, family and close friends, wish support, not revenge, not in any circumstances. We call for calm and peace to mourn."

This is the message, the family of the 23-year-old young man who ended up under a high-speed train on Friday after a fight with other youths posted on social media on Monday.

"Dear youngsters of all backgrounds, do not use this incident to show your anger because we, his family, know how it feels to lose a child under terrible circumstances. Dear parents, please call your children back and talk to them," the message continued.

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