Heavy rain and storm conditions in some areas

The Royal Meteorological Institute (KMI) warns of particularly inclement weather for much of Friday. The 1722 hotline where non-urgent assistance from the emergency service can be requestion is operational today. 

Anyone wishing to report issues related to high winds or heavy rain for which they require the assistance of the emergency service can either call the freephone number 1722 of make contact online via the website www.1722.be website. The standard 112 number usually used to request assistance from the emergency services should only be called in case of life-threatening emergencies.

From the end of Friday morning until 10pm on Friday evening KMI forecasts storms with rain that could be very heavy in some areas. As much as 10mm of rain could fall in space of 1 hour in some areas of Flanders. There is also a possibility of hail.

KMI has issued a Code Yellow weather warning that has been in force since 11am and will remain in force until 10pm on Friday evening. The warning covers the whole of Flanders and the Walloon provinces of Hainaut and Walloon Brabant. 

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