Changes to waste collection in Brussels

The Brussel regional refuse collection agency Net Brussel has brought in a number of changes that take effect from today (Monday 15 March). In future rubbish will no longer be collected on Saturdays, but collection will take place on weekday evenings instead. Probably the biggest change of all is the obligation to put food waste into special, orange-coloured bin liners and no longer in the white bin liners used for non-recyclable waste. 

During the past two weeks households in the capital have received documentation outlining the changes. Those requiring the information in languages other than Dutch and French can visit the agency’s website.

There you can find information about when the rubbish will be collected in your street and when you should put it out for collection. 

Orange bin liners

From today the use of orange bin liners for food waste, fruit and vegetable peel, food that has gone off and tissues is mandatory in the Brussels-Capital Region. Meanwhile, the frequency with which the white bin liners used for non-recyclable waste will be collected has been reduced from twice a week to once a week in 10 of the 19 Brussels municipalities.

Also from today people in the capital will be obliged to sought their plastic waste and put it into a blue bin liner along with their other drinks cartons and cans.

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