Foto: Brandweer Brussel

Man injured after his moped becomes sandwiched between two trams

A moped rider has sustained injuries to his elbow and legs after he became sandwiched between two trams in the Brussels municipality of Schaarbeek. It is still unclear how the accident came to occur.

On Thursday evening the man was riding his moped on the Helmetsesteenweg in Schaarbeek. He and his moped became stuck between a tram that was heading north towards Evere and a tram that was heading south towards Brussels North Railway Station. An ambulance, the fire service, the police and a technical team from the Brussels public transport company MIVB all went to the scene.

The fire service used hydraulic jacks to push the side flanks of the two trams apart so that the unfortunate moped rider could be freed. The man remained conscious throughout and once freed was given treatment for injuries to his elbow and one of his legs. It is still unclear why the man decided to try and ride his moped between two trams. The police are investigating the incident. 

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