A man and two children die in Limburg canal

A man and his two children have died after the car they were travelling in ended up in a canal at Lommel, in Limburg Province. The car entered the water from the Luikersteenweg at Lommel-Barrier. Fire service divers were able to retrieve the victims from the water. However, all three had already died. 

The car entered Bocholt-Herentals canal at around 0:30am on Tuesday. Emergency services immediately rushed to the scene.  Fire service divers retrieved three bodies from the car.

The victims are a 37-year-old man and his two children. The public prosecutor's office is remaining tight-lipped and will only say that the investigation is still ongoing. A police surgeon and the pathologists attend the scene. It would appear that the man drove the car into the canal deliberately in order to commit suicide.

The support is being given to the classmates and friends of the two children that died. They attended the 't Stekske school in Lommel. The Mayor of Lommel Bob Nijs (Christian democrat) told VRT News that "The pupils were informed this morning. These are small children from second year of kindergarten and first year of primary school”.

Anyone with questions concerning suicide can contact the Zelfoormoordlijn on freephone number 1813 of via this link.


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