A sunny Whitsun weekend ahead with temperatures set to top 20°C

Sun, sun and more sun. That’s what is on the agenda during the forthcoming long Whitsun weekend. Temperatures on both Saturday and Sunday are set to exceed 20°C. It will be a little cooler on Monday. Nevertheless, the sun will keep on shining. 

Friday will remain sunny with top temperatures of between 15°C and 21°C. During the course of the day there could be some cloud, but it will remain largely sunny in most areas. There could be some strong gust of wind along the coast though.

Friday night will remain dry and clear with temperatures falling to a chilly 1°C on the High Fens and 10°C at the coast. As morning approach there is a chance of mist or fog on the High Fens.

Saturday will be sunny with maximum temperatures of 16°C in coastal areas and 20°C or 21°C in central areas. Winds will be generally moderate north-easterly, but there could be strong northerly winds at the coast during the afternoon.

Sunday will be sunny with some high cloud. Maximum temperatures will reach between 20°C and 23°C inland. Winds will be moderate north-easterly. At the coast temperatures will get no higher than 17°C and in the afternoon northerly winds will be moderate to strong

It will be less warm on Monday and Tuesday. Nevertheless, it will remain dry and sunny. Top temperatures will reach 13°C in coastal areas, 18°C or 19°C in central areas and 21°C in the south. Winds will be moderate north-easterly.  

Wednesday and Thursday to will remain dry and sunny with little if any cloud. It will be warmer again with temperatures reaching 22°C in central areas and 15°C at the coast. 

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