Gabriel Goffoy

No Motor Show at Brussels Expo in 2024

The Belgian automotive and cycle manufactures’ federation Febiac has announced that there will be no Brussels Motor Show at Brussels Expo next year. In a statement Febiac that is responsible for organising the Motor Show said that “The conditions under which visitors could be offered a qualitative and representative experience are not in place”. The decision means that there will be no physical Motor Show in Brussels next year. 

Febiac took the decision not to organise a motor show in 2024 at a meeting held earlier on Friday. "Febiac’s aim is always to offer visitors a representative and qualitative experience. Given that the prerequisites to doing this are not in place the board has decided not to continue with the process for 2024”.

Febiac added that the 95% market representation that it had achieved at this year’s Motor Show could no longer be attained. Rather than organise a motor show with two few manufactures present, Febiac prefers to organise no show at all.

Earlier this year the 100th Brussels Motor Show attracted 265,000 visitors to Brussels Expo. Although Febiac said that the Motor Show was a great success visitor numbers were still below expectations.

It remains to be seen whether a Motor Show will be organised in 2025. 

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