Anderlecht blaze: Brussels hospitals struggled to accommodate all injured

Overnight, emergency services in the Belgian capital experienced difficulties finding enough beds for victims of the Anderlecht fire.  Hospitals are already choc-a-block due to the pandemic. 

The blaze revealed the extremely difficult situation in Belgian hospitals as a result of the corona pandemic.  Hospitals are under tremendous pressure and the emergency services struggled to find sufficient hospital beds to treat all 30 injured.

At long last everybody found a bed, but a fire service spokesman conceded it was quite a puzzle.  Some patients are also being treated at the military hospital at Neder-Over-Heembeek that has a dedicated burns centre.

Home minister Annelies Verlinden (Flemish Christian democrat) visited the scene in Anderlecht shortly after noon and launched an appeal: “It’s no secret it’s busy in hospital and pressure has been extremely high for months, especially in critical care.”

“There is little free capacity and it’s clear we all need to stick to corona measures to reduce pressure on hospitals and intensive care to ensure there is sufficient capacity for victims to be hospitalised and treated in intensive care in the event of a disaster”.  

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