Conflict leeft ook op Twitter

Voor het eerst sinds 1991 is in Tel Aviv gisteren het bomalarm afgegaan. Een raket van Hamas belandde in de Middellandse zee. Vannacht en vanmorgen is er een nieuwe bommenregen over de Gazastrook gevallen, als revanche. Het oplaaien van het conflict leeft ook op Twitter.

Sirens in Tel Aviv. Rockets are hitting all over south of Israel. More than 200 rockets fired from Gaza.
Caroline Glick

Wishing all my friends in Tel Aviv luck and strength - let's hope this fighting is quickly over and TA will not be hit again.

Peace demo in Tel Aviv: 300 people calling for an end to the violence not all Israelis want this war. I was there.
Ben Yeger

If only the people of Gaza and Tel Aviv would open their eyes to the fear in each other.
May Kamel

There are no victories or rights or wrongs in a war, only death.
Dave Edwards

How long has this family feud existed? Stop the cycle of generational indifference, turn the other cheek, please
Sydney Butwell

Yes, I'm in Tel Aviv attending friends' wedding. No I'm not freaked out by the occasional airraid siren and distant boom. So far.
RJ Suresha

Glad to be moving on from Petreaus scandal to something less complicated: the Israel-Palestine conflict.
Max Fisher

Israel's Alex Fishman predicting the conflict: "If I were a resident of Gaza.. I wouldn't send the children to school in the coming days"
Sara Hussein

Oorlogsvoering in de 21e eeuw

Op de facebookpagina "In het spoor van Rudi Vranckx" vinden we de volgende tweets terug. Oorlogsvoering in de 21e eeuw: het leger van Israël en de gewapende tak van Hamas intimideren elkaar op Twitter...

"We recommend that no Hamas operatives, wether low level or senior leaders, show their faces above ground in the days ahead."
IDF (Israel Defense Forces)

"Our blessed hands will reach your leaders and soldiers wherever they are (You Opened Hell Gates on Yourselves)"
Al QassamB Brigades (militaire vleugel van Hamas)