"Jeanneken Pis should remain accessible"

Jeanneken Pis, the female version of the world-famous Manneken Pis in Brussels, should remain accessible for tourists. This was decided by the city of Brussels after a café had launched plans that would mean the statue would no longer be open to visitors.

Most people have heard of Manneken Pis, but not many know that it has a female version. The small statue is located in the Getrouwheidsgang, a small street in the capital centre between the Old City Square with the City Hall and the Munt. 

The little street - a cul-de-sac - also includes a pub which had the idea of putting security guards at the street entrance who would decide who is allowed to enter and who not. This proposal would imply that tourists would no longer have free access to the statue, which is a public monument. This is not an option, the Brussels authorities decided.

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