Tim Pauwels is the new ombudsman for VRT News

VRT News has appointed Tim Pauwels as ombudsman. He will serve a three year mandate, as from April 2017.

The ombudsman gives an independent answer to complaints or questions about the journalistic work of VRT News. This includes possible complaints about our foreign language websites: Flandersnews.be, Flandreinfo.be and Flanderninfo.be.

Tim Pauwels' carreer includes work as a journalist for all major media networks in Flanders. In recent years he was best known for his work as a presenter and political journalist for VRT, the Flemish Public Broadcaster in Belgium. VRT News produces daily Radio and TV News, several Radio and TV current affairs programs and a News Website.

VRT is also a member of ONO, the organisation of News Ombudsmen.

Questions, opinions and complaints can sent to ombudsman@vrt.be.