61 drug dealers caught at Tomorrowland

460 dance music fans were caught with drugs at this year’s Tomorrowland music festival.  They had to pay on the spot fines of between 75 and 150 euros.  61 drug dealers too were caught.

Dance music fans caught with soft drugs had to pay a 75 euro fine, hard drug users were obliged to fork out 150 euros to pay their fine.  Everybody found with drugs was ordered off the festival site and could no longer use their entry wristband.

61 drug dealers were caught.  55 will appear in court in October.  6 others including the Dutch star Imanuelle Grives appeared before an examining magistrate immediately. 5 dealers hold Belgian nationality.  During the first Tomorrowland weekend most of the dealers were Dutch, while during the second they were mainly UK nationals.

Large quantities of drugs were seized at Tomorrowland: 2,510 XTC pills, a half a kilo of cocaine, but only 25 grams of weed.

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