303 deaths on Easter Sunday

Belgium’s national crisis centre has released the latest figures with regard to the corona emergency: 303 deaths were recorded on Sunday, while 310 people needed to be hospitalised.

“It’s a long road to go” said virologist Prof Steven Van Gucht. “What we do today, we only notice in the figures in a fortnight’s time.  We will have to live with this virus for several months to come.”

5,393 patients are in hospital with COVID-19, the disease caused by novel corona virus.  1, 234 patients are in intensive care.  That’s up 2 on the day.  Belgium’s capacity for intensive care stands at 2,293 beds. 239 people were discharged from hospital yesterday.

105 of yesterday’s 303 deaths occurred in a Belgian hospital, 195 in care homes.  The deaths in care homes are suspected of being coronavirus-related.  COVID-19 is not always the main cause of death. 

The total Belgian death toll to coronavirus stands at 3,903. This figure includes confirmed, but also suspected cases.  53% of deaths occurred in hospital, 43% in care homes.

The number of confirmed new infections has fallen under 1,000.  It stood at 942 yesterday: 591 in more populous Flanders, 235 in Wallonia ad 113 in Brussels.  No info is available on 3 cases.

In all 30,589 people are known to have been infected in Belgium.

Prof Steven Van Gucht said the figures were encouraging but there was still a long road to go: “The number of deaths remains high and will probably rise further in coming days.  The burden on our hospitals is high too.  We must persevere.  What we do today we will see in the figures in a fortnight’s time.  We will live with this virus for several months to come. It’s important we limit the virus as much as possible in order to allow us to change our emphasis, relax the measures and are able to cohabit with the virus in a controlled fashion.”

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