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Police break up another party in Antwerp’s Jewish Quarter

For the third time this week Antwerp Police have broken up a party in the city’s Jewish Quarter. Officers used a grinding wheel to gain access to the building in which the illegal gathering was being held. By the time the police had managed to force their way into the building a number of those that had been at the party had made their escape. Some others tried to hide inside the building. 33 people were identified and those that are over 18 face prosecution for having breached the rules in force to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus. Under the measures such gatherings, whatever their nature and regardless who attends them, are banned.



On Thursday evening the police received reports of a party taking place near to the Belgiëlei in Antwerp’s Jewish Quarter. Initially officers were unable to gain access to the building and were forced to break in with the help of a grinding wheel.

“We have the impression that those at the party saw what we were doing on CCTV. Once we were inside everyone had left. We entered an empty hall with cooking pots that were still on the stove”, Antwerp Police spokesman Wouter Bruyns told VRT News.

A number of those that had been present at the gathering had hidden in the building’s underground garage

“We found some guests in the garages under the building, but also upstairs in the halls and outside in the bushes”, Mr Bruyns said.

It is not certain how many people were at the gathering. “We were able to identify 33 people, but we saw a table that had been set for more than 100 people”.

All the adults at the gathering were issued with summons, according to the guidelines set by the Antwerp Judicial Authorities concerning lockdown parties.

Earlier this week another two parties were broken up by police in Antwerp’s Jewish Quarter. There 57 and 42 guests were at each party respectively. They too tried to hide from police. 

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